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Roll Compactor

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The SRC-60 portable self-contained Bench Top Roll Compactor & Granulator was specially designed for use in the Research & Development facility for granulation, densification and flow characteristics of powder in small quantities. The dry compaction of the powder between two rollers on high pressure for increased bulk density, making granules, dust-free processing and reducing packing size. Due to its modular design, the process technology of the SRC-60 can be completely disassembled without tools. In addition, the modular design guarantees fast-changing and cleaning of all working tools and meets the requirements for flexible working.

Salient Features

  • Totally cGMP, compact & Bench top design.
  • The operator panel & control are integrated into the machine.
  • Controlling compaction force.
  • Roll Gap Controls.
  • Specially designed Feed screw with variable speed drive unit.
  • Specially designed scraper is provided to prevent powder sticking on the rolls.
  • Process parts can be easily dismantled without any special tools.
  • Granulation Mill for fine particles.
  • All material Contact parts are SS 316 and non-contact parts are SS 304
  • Trolley & Castors for Mobility.
  • Various Roll surfaces available at extra cost - Plain, Corrugated, Cross Knurled.


Optional Features
  • IQ OQ & Test Certificates Documentation.
  • Available Rollers with different surfaces for various process requirements.
  • Roller Surfaces – Cross-knurled, plain.
  • Industrial PC Windows-based IPC with 21 CFR part 11 control system.
  • Granulation Screen sizes are available.
  • Table Trolley

Technical Specifications



Working output (Depending on Powder, Hardness & granule size)

5 kg/hr.

Roller Diameter & width (Fitted Corrugated with the machine)

60 Ø x 25 mm

Maximum Pressure force on Roll

4 kn/cm

Motor - Roller

2 hp (1.5 kW) AC

Motor-Feed Screw

1 hp (750W) DC

Motor - Granulator

20 W - Servo

Roller Gap (Manually Set)

0.5 to 3 mm

Roller Speed

2 to 18 rpm variable

Feed Screw Speed

20 to 100 rpm variable

Oscillation Granulator Speed (angle range 30°- 360°)

10 to 100 rpm variable


160 kg


Electric Supply

415 v 3 pHs or 220 v single pHs, 50 Hz.

Total Power Consumption

2.5 kW

Note-Electric voltage & frequency can be provided as per the customer’s requirement to specify while placing an order.