During routine equipment inspections, there are several indicators to look for. Recognizing these signs and understanding what they signify for your equipment can assist you in determining the best course of action.

How to Approach Refurbishment

Once you've decided to refurbish, you should not proceed without the assistance of an OEM person. We approach refurbishments with great care at IRM (Karnavati Pharma Machinery Division), beginning with an on-site pre-inspection to establish the necessary scope of a refurbishment. We also maintain regular contact with our clients, assisting them through crucial refurbishment concerns such as:

Considerations for Critical Refurbishment:

  • Are any of the components still covered by warranty?
  • How extensive should the Refurbishment be, if one is even required?
  • Is the machinery, on the other hand, old enough that it should be replaced rather than spending resources on a failing infrastructure?
  • Is the machine's existing condition sufficient to merit a complete overhaul? Would modest steps suffice instead?

If the press is in bad or obsolete condition, we frequently propose a full rebuild, which begins with a strip and power wash of the machine's frame. By doing so, we provide an excellent foundation for future changes without having to replace the entire system.