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Salient Features:

  • All contact parts are S.S. 316 as per cGMP Standard.
  • Compact design.
  • Interchangeable product bowl facility (optional 5Ltr. & 3Ltr.)
  • High Shear Mixing, Homogenizing, Humidifying and Granulating process.
  • Special design mixer & chopper.
  • Pneumatically operated discharging system.
  • Short mixing & granulation time.
  • Easy to install, operate, clean, convenient & user-friendly.
  • Easy moveability with the help of castors.

Safety Features:

  • Total drive transmission system enclosed.
  • Air pressure switch installed to ensure pressure is within limits.
  • Safety switch fitted at Top Lid.
  • Emergency Push-button.


The lab-scale rapid mixer is mainly used in R&D or F&D facilities for the wet mixing of Small batches. Basically, it consists of a Bowl, Impeller & Chopper assembly. The high shear wet granulation process is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry to transform fine heterogeneous powders into a homogenous blend of granules with bigger size and density to improve flow and compatibility for tableting operation.

It consists of the main structure, which is made from Stainless steel square tube and covered from SS-304 grade. All main drive-related assemblies are covered in the main structure and a Trolley with castors is provided for mobility.

The RIMEK granulating equipment combines a 3-blade impeller with a design able to ensure an excellent movement of the granules even at low speed. The blade tips of the granulator are positioned tangentiallyto avoid any dead spots.

Technical Specifications:


SRMG-5 kg (10 Ltr.)

Container Gross Volume

10 Ltr.

Container working Volume

3-5 kg

Main Mixer Motor

1 hp / 0.75 kW

Main Mixer Motor RPM

15 to 150 Variable

Chopper Motor

½ hp / 0.37 kW

Chopper Motor RPM

700 to 3000

Compressed Air Pressure

6 bar pressure (Filtered & Dry Air)


125 kg

Overall dimensions – mm

1225 L x 645 B x 1200 H


All contact parts are SS 316 & non-contact parts are SS 304

Surface Finish

Product contact part, 240 grit (0.5 u, 25 Ra) - Mirror finish

Non – contact part,180 grit (0.64 u, 25 Ra) - Matt finish

Gross Weight

240 kg



Electric Supply

220 / 415, 3 pHs, 50/60 Hz.