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  • The Dosing & Filler is suitable to fill drip-free and accurately ointments, creams, pharmaceutical and cosmetic emulsions, toothpaste, oil paints, liquids, detergents, jam, mustard, ketchup, honey, and similar products into tubes, jars, bottles, plastic containers, etc. Other advantages are the easy adjustment, the quick removal of the pump and hopper for cleaning and sterilizing and the real space-saving design as a table machine. It has a filling range from 50 to 200 ml. In order to obtain exact filling volumes, the cylinder and piston must be changed over when filling smaller quantities than 50 ml. The hopper capacity is 18 liters & having exchangeable nozzles of 2mm, 4mm & 8mm. All parts in contact with the material to be filled are made of stainless steel.

Technical Specifications:

Gross Capacity

1000 to 2000 fills/h (Max)

Dimension in mm

560 x 460 x 830

Net weight in kg


Gross weight in kg.