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IRM Enterprise Ltd. is your trusted partner for the best annual maintenance contract service for tablet press machines and capsule filling machines. We understand the critical role that these machines play in the tablet manufacturing process, and we are committed to ensuring their optimal performance and longevity through our comprehensive maintenance services.

Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is designed to provide our expertise in the field and deep understanding of the working of tablet press machines and capsule filling machines, we offer a range of services to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

Key features of our AMC service include:

Regular Preventive Maintenance: Our skilled technicians will conduct routine inspections, cleanings, and lubrications of your machines to prevent any potential issues and ensure their continued reliability.

Calibration and Testing: We will meticulously calibrate and test your tablet press machines and capsule filling machines to ensure accurate dosage, uniform tablet/capsule weight, and consistent quality output.

Replacement of Wear Parts: Over time, certain components of the machines may experience wear and tear. As part of our AMC, we will proactively identify and replace these parts to maintain optimal performance.

Emergency Support: In the event of any unexpected breakdowns or technical issues, our dedicated support team will be available to provide prompt assistance and minimize downtime.

Performance Optimization: We will fine-tune your machines for optimal efficiency, productivity, and quality output, maximizing your overall operational performance.

Documentation and Reporting: Throughout the contract period, we will maintain comprehensive documentation of all maintenance activities and provide regular reports on the condition and performance of your machines

By choosing our AMC service, you can benefit from:

Reduced Downtime: Our proactive maintenance approach helps minimize unexpected breakdowns, ensuring uninterrupted production and reducing downtime.

Extended Equipment Lifespan: Regular maintenance and timely replacement of worn-out parts enhance the longevity of your tablet press machines and capsule filling machines, protecting your investment.

Improved Product Quality: Our calibration and testing processes guarantee accurate dosages, uniform tablet/capsule weight, and consistent quality output, meeting the highest industry standards.

Expert Technical Support: Our experienced technicians and support team are always available to address any technical issues promptly and provide you with reliable solutions.

Cost Savings: By opting for our comprehensive AMC service, you can avoid costly repairs and equipment replacements in the long run, resulting in significant cost savings.

At IRM Enterprise Ltd., we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations with our top-notch maintenance services. Trust us as your preferred partner for the maintenance of tablet press machines and capsule filling machines used in tablet manufacturing.

Contact us today to discuss your maintenance requirements and let us tailor an AMC package that suits your specific needs.