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Filling Molding is used for molding suppositories, lipsticks, and similar products. This equipment permits melting, agitation and mixing during the filling operation. The stainless steel kettle and agitator are heated by a glycerin bath and 1000-watt heating element. The thermostat permits adjustment of 0 0 temperature of kettle contents from 20 C to 100 C by 1 graduation. The sled below the filler nozzle holds any type of mould. It is adjustable in all directions and controlled by a hand wheel. The capacity of the kettle is 3.5 liters. The heating jacket requires 2.75 Kg. of glycerin. Production varies with material, moulds, etc., but a production rate of up to 4,000 moulds per hour is not unusual.

Technical Specifications:

Gross Capacity

5 L

Working Capacity

3 TO 3.5 L

Dimension in mm

790 x 750 x 640

Net weight in kg.