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  • Ball Mill can be used for grinding crystalline material, for
  • mixing dry materials and under certain conditions wet
  • materials. Ball mill consists of 3 main parts, drive unit
  • with stand, ball mill jar with cover and stainless steel
  • balls. The jar cover is held in place by a screw and
  • support which forces it against a rubber gasket for air
  • tight seal. The ball mill jar top cover and balls are made
  • of stainless steel material. Ball diameter varies between
  • 19 mm to 25 mm. The ball mill jar rests on 2 rollers. The
  • speed rotation is controlled by electronic speed
  • controller. The ball mill jar and balls may be sterilized in
  • water bath. 

Technical Specifications: 

Gross Capacity

5 L

Working Capacity

2 to 2.5 L

Dimension in mm

520 x 400 x 450

Net weight in kg.


Gross weight in kg