It is a double rotary sturdy tablet press, built on centre square shaped casted body, casted middle top plate and head (hard chrome) with pressure rods, which makes tubular robust construction of machine and ensures smooth operation. The precise speed control is possible by AC inverter drive instead of conventional variable speed pulley. The machine is covered with S.S. Guards at bottom and acrylic guards at the top.
Salient Features:
  • Main Motor with ACVF
  • Turret with lower punch seal
  • Safety Interlocking for Upper & Lower Guard.
  • Lower Punch Seals
  • Turret made up of S.G. Iron
  • Gravity feeder
  • Auto Lubrication system for Turret, Upper & Lower press roll, Lower Punch
  • Contact Parts SS 316 (Except turret & Cam tracks)
  • Upper Punch Penetration: to change the compression zone to suit the product requirement or use die to its fullest length.
  • Manual operation through push button station.
Optional Features:
  • Force Feeder system
  • Bi layer Attachment
  • CE Certification

* The output may vary as a result of granule characteristics, tablet dimension, depth of fill, ambient condition, operator’s skill and maintenance