This revolutionary new tablet press has an exchangeable turret which offers extreme versatility with the ability to utilize D, B and BB tooling on a single machine. The turret is easy to remove and takes only few minutes for the machine to be made ready for producing the next batch with the right kind of tooling.
Salient Features:
  • Single Rotary Tablet Press Machine.
  • Pre-compression with the force of 40 KN
  • Centre driven machine
  • ELNP Turret and Upper Cam Tracks
  • Turret with lower punch seal
  • Safety Interlocking for Upper & Lower Guard.
  • Force feeder with variable speed and bottom drive and synchronized with main motor.
  • Efficient Lubrication system for Upper and Lower punches
  • Contact Parts SS 316 (Except turret & Cam tracks)
  • Upper Punch Penetration: to change the compression zone to suit the product requirement or use die to its fullest length.
  • Control operation through PLC / MMI.
Optional Features
  • Interchangeable Turret
  • Auto Weight Control system
  • Bi Layer Attachment
  • IQ, OQ, DQ Documents and test certificates provided on requirement
  • CE Certification

* The output may vary as a result of granule characteristics, tablet dimension, depth of fill, ambient condition, operator’s skill and maintenance