SE – Simple and easy, which is what it stands for. UNIK II SE is a double rotary sturdy machine built on robust casted platform, body and center pillar. Turret drive through internal ring and pinion from gear box to turret ensures good control and free operation. All machine controls are provided outside the tableting zone. The Main & pre-compression is having fix capacity of 10 Ton. Its compact design gives ergonomics and designs a new definition. It’s HPPS (hydraulic power pressure system) with precise pressure dial gauge, hand lever and excess oil reservoir is one of the most effective systems of providing the sufficient pressure for desired thickness & hardness of the tablet. Unique feature of upper pressure rolls sliding assembly reflects our ability to interact with the end user operator. Solid pillars connecting the encased force feeder motor top plate and non-compression zone gives that extra strength needed to avoid vibrations and noise at high speed. Double side guided upper punch cam track, fully electroless nickel plated gives better punch control as a safety and reduces wear and tear.
Salient Features:
  • ELNP Turret and Upper Cam Tracks
  • Force feeder (Aluminum alloy- hard anodized)
  • Outside tablet parameter controls for tablet thickness and weight
  • Unique press roll with sliding mechanism
  • Compression force is applied and controlled through Bellville springs for maintenance free performance
  • Centre drive with sturdy body frame and solid pillars
  • Auto Lubrication
  • ACVFD for main motor
  • Safety Interlocking for Upper & Lower Guard.
  • Turret with Lower Punch Seals
  • Contact Parts SS 316 (Except Turret & Cam Tracks)
  • Upper Punch Penetration: to change the compression zone to suit the product requirement or use die to its fullest length.
Optional Features:
  • Gravity feeding arrangement of the material with feed frame
  • Two way discharge chute with start up and shut down rejection
  • Bi Layer Attachment (Gravity Feeder)
  • Turret with Lower punch key way for break line /embossing alignment
  • Three piece turret – Upper and bottom part of S.G.I and die plate – S.S. 316
  • Anti vibration mounts
  • CE Certification

The output may vary as a result of granule characteristics, tablet dimension, depth of fill, ambient Condition, operator’s skill and maintenance.