The machine is double rotary tablet press with inbuilt pre-compression. All machine controls are adjustable from out side of the machine. The Main & pre-compression is having fix capacity of 10 Ton.. The pressure roller is made of special material—- EN 31 and is mounted on the bearings. Pressure rollers have a unique sliding mechanism which makes the machine easily accessible during cleaning and maintenance. The pressure loading is designed in such a manner to achieve desired thickness & hardness of the tablet. Overload release is already provided in the machine to safeguard against any overload. The provision has been already incorporated in the machine to use double die life by reversing the dies. The machine is fitted with force feeders having variable frequency drive and force feeders are designed with three paddles for the optimum performance over the wide range of materials and tabletting speeds. The drive of force feeders and turret is synchronized for better performance. The force feeder is easy to assemble/ disassemble and the material flow to the force feeder is also controlled by lockable butterfly valve. Machine is equipped with continuous and intermittent auto-lubrication at various points.
Special Features:
  • Top guarded in acrylic with dust free sealing
  • Pressure rollers on bearing
  • Auto Lubrication on lower punch head
  • Turret with Anti Corrosive Electroless Nickel Plating (ELNP)
  • Safety alarm system for emergency
Salient Features:
  • Reliable flexible meets cGMP norms
  • Can handle variety/difficult material
  • Capable of large volume production
  • Double sided press – with inbuilt pre-compression
  • SG iron nickel plated turret with lower punch seal
  • Motorized controls for turret RPM/Force feeder speed
  • ACVF drive for the main and force feeder
  • Force feeder synchronized with main motor
  • Compression force is applied and controlled through Bellville springs for maintenance free performance
  • FAT/SAT with IQ-OQ documentation will be provided
  • Easy access and quick change over
  • Force feeder at the bottom
Optional Features:
  • Bi Layer Attachment
  • Three piece turret – Upper and bottom part of S.G.I and die plate – S.S. 316
  • CE Certification

The output may vary as a result of granule characteristics, tablet dimension, depth of fill, ambient Condition, operator’s skill and maintenance