RSP 8/10 SP are the heavy duty tablet compression machines with superior features that make them a unique tabletting wonder. They are commonly also known as the Bolus Tabletting machine.
Applications of the RSP 8/10 SP & RSP II 8SP:
  • Veterinary tablet production industries
  • Detergent and soap industries
  • Chemical industries
Ambient Conditions:
  • Environment Temperature should be 22o – 24o C
  • Relative Humidity should be 40% – 50 %
Salient Features:
  • ELNP SGI Turret and Upper cam tracks
  • Heavy duty construction with square tabular design
  • Herculean compression force of 16 ton
  • Hydraulic compression (Manual hydraulic hand pump)
  • Produces round tablets of diameter up to 38mm/50mm/55mm.
  • Turret with external helical toothed ring and pinion drive
  • Outside tablet parameter controls (viz. depth of fill and thickness)
  • Manual lubrication
  • Gravity feeder
Optional Features:
  • Hygrospray technology (for effervescent tablet)
  • Digital tablet counter
  • Anti Vibration mounts
  • IQ, OQ, DQ documents and test certificates provided on requirement