The High Speed Single Rotary Tablet Press is the ideal solution for high quality & medium scale production inbuilt with fully automatic CFC & AWC system. The new tablet press has an optional EXCHANGEABLE COMPRESSION MODULE (ECM), which allows full change-over in less time. All product contact parts are included in this ISOLATED DUST TIGHT module, which is disconnected and removed in minutes. Another clean isolated module with the right tooling can now be installed and the machine is ready to produce the next batch.
  • Single rotary tablet press machine with 49 Stations
  • Machine with the inbuilt pre-compression force of 100 KN
  • Turret drive from the center pillar by worm reduction gearbox& Turret Made of ELNP finish
  • Turret with ELNP finish
  • Weight and Tablet Thickness Setting Through Motorized Control by Computerized Panel
  • Force feeder with variable speed
  • Turret with lower punch seal
  • Auto Lubrication System
  • Three-way discharge chute for Start-stop, Sampling & Rejection tablet
  • Upper & Lower guard with safety switches
  • More efficient lubrication system for upper and lower punch
  • Force feeder (aluminum alloy hard anodized) bottom drive and synchronized with the main motor
  • Upper Punch Tightness Monitoring System
  • Powder Level Sensor – Lower & Zero Level
  • Individual Punch Main & Pre Compression Force Measurement System.
  • Ergonomically designed HMI panel with functionality
  • Windows 7 operating system.
  • 19” touch screen
  • Dust protected USB
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Detachable Electrical Panel (which can be placed in the Production area and which will reduce the electrical consumption)
  • AWC (Compaction Force Control System)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

* The output may vary as a result of granule characteristics, tablet dimension, depth of fill, ambient condition, operator’s skill and maintenance