The process of compaction is used to increase the bulk density of fine powder particles. This is achieved by passing them between closely held rollers to form solid compact sheet. The compaction process can be affected by roll surface and diameter, peripheral speed, separating force or pressure capabilities, feed screw and basic compaction characteristics of the material being used. Powder material properties can be improved by addition of a suitable binder, which facilitates better bonding between particles and keeps the production of fines to the minimum.
  • Versatile, Quick, Convenient test for Dry granulation Characteristic
  • The test can be run with only a few hundred grams of material
  • The results obtained can be extrapolated to a production size machine
  • Compact and portable design allows for set up and testing at a convenient place
  • The compacting roll is designed to provide a uniform force distribution
  • The Compactor roll is cooled by water circulation cooling arrangement
  • AC Frequency Variable Speed Drive for Roller and Auger
  • Very compact design available in Plain, Water Jacketed or Flameproof Model.
  • Switch, ammeters for rolls and feed screw and emergency stop to avoid short circuit or fire hazard at the time of cleaning with water.
  • Water jacketed design for extremely heat sensitive products
  • Flame proof motors in lieu of non flame proof motors
  • Extra set of Compacting Roller