The Mini Press II is an ideal machine for making double layer tablets. It is a table top machine, which is the ultimate solution for R & D / laboratory use and small batch production. It comes in the following
  • Standard “D” and “B” Tooling
  • Multi Tooling “D + B” or “D + B + BB” tooling
  • Turret made of SG iron with ELNP plating
  • Gravity feeding system – granules are fed through open type feed frame which ensures easy setting and minimum wastage of material
  • Dual compression for making double layer tablets
  • Main motor with AC variable drive for turret speed change with fixed pulley
  • Easy mobility of machine is ensured in design
  • Upper acrylic guards with interlocks
  • Outside controls such as weight and tablet thickness adjustment
  • Pneumatic sampling for 1st layer
  • SS trolley
  • PLC with HMI
  • Anti Vibration mounts
  • IQ, OQ, DQ documents and test certificates provided on requirement

* The output may vary as a result of granule characteristics, tablet dimension, depth of fill, ambient condition