This is a higher version of Mini Press – II. The MINI PRESS II DOUBLE LAYER MACHINE is the ultimate solution for laboratory use and small batch production for compression of wide range of formulation based on dry granulation or direct compression.
  • Turret made of S. G. Iron with ELNP Plating
  • Upper Punch with KEY way for shaped tablet with lower punch seal
  • Gravity Feeding system
  • Granules are FED through open type feed frame which ensures easy setting and minimum wastage of material
  • 1st Layer Attachment Pre-compress
  • 2n Layer Attachment is final compression
  • Main Motor with A. C. Variable Drive For Turret Speed Change with Fixed pulley
  • 1 st layer pneumatic sampling arrangement for 1 st layer weight checking.
  • Upper Acrylic Guard interlocks with safety switches.
Details of SF
Intrumenation Package

Instrumentation package along with the basic machine to know the following and further to analyze.

Can Measure :
  • Pre compression force of 1st layer ( 4 Ton max.)
  • Main compression force of 1 st & 2nd layer combined ( 8 Ton max.)
  • Ejection force – 1 st & 2nd layer combined (FINISH DOUBLE LAYER TABLET)
  • Dwell time – contact time (Main compression )
Scope of Instrumentation :

1. Hardware such as Load Cells Cables,IPC Cabinet, DAQ Card, Industrial PC (Touch type IPC), Mouse, Key Board etc. are all provided with the machine.

2. Analysis like Graphical Analysis, Statistical analysis, Force analysis and Histogram