The Karnavati’s “KAD KARE KIT” is complete solution to all your needs for “Punch Polishing, Inspection & Maintenance”.
Kad Kare Kit (Tooling Accessories) Salient Features

The following benefits come handy with our KAD KARE KIT

Punch Polishing Kit
Precise Polishing of Tooling:

  • Reduces Maintenance
  • Ensures longer life
  • Improves performance with precision
  • Eliminates cost of new purchase

Punch Inspection Kit
Timely Inspection of Tooling:

  • Eliminates the risk of complete damage of Tooling
  • Helps to identify problems related to tooling
  • Helps in reducing the down time of M/C
  • Reduces the M/C setting time.
  • Ensures the reliability of tooling
Punch Maintenance Kit

Regular Maintenance of Tooling:

  • Reduces wear & tear
  • Eliminates tooling related problems
  • Enhance the tooling life
  • Ensures the reliability of tooling
Optional Features

KAD KARE is available in the following version:

  • Punch maintenance kit
  • Punch inspection kit
  • Punch polishing kit
  • Punch storage cabinet
  • Punch transfer trolleyEach kit comes with a series of benefits that enhances not only the life of your Tooling but reduces the maintenance of your tablet compression machines.