The RIMEK Colloid Mill is an ideal machine for homogenizing, emulsifying, grinding, dispersing, mixing and extracting. It is exclusively being used for suspensions, ointments, and other preparations. It consists of a hopper, which leads the product to the grinding gap between rotor and stator. Conical design and mismatched splined serrations of rotor and stator give high searing and cutting forces to the material. The high frequency whirling and collision of the product results in an effective grinding and mixing.

Colloid mill Salient Features
  • Robust, durable and quiet in operation
  • S.S. clad body as per GMP standard
  • All contact parts are made of stainless steel ( S.S. 316)
  • Push button with start/stop fitted as standard
  • Special drive arrangement
  • No foundation required
  • Water jacketed model
  • Flame proof motor with electrical fittings
  • S.S. Trolley

Industries Application: Food industry, Confectionary industry, chemical industry, paint industry, textile industry, rubber industry, cosmetic & detergent industry, paper industry, etc.

KEL reserves the right to change technical specifications, design and color of the machine without any prior notice